Thales and Palo Alto Networks: Integration of large zero Trust Environments

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Implement zero trust security systems on a large scale

As companies continue their digital transformation and move more and more of their workloads, networks and security systems to the cloud, the pressure is growing on companies to introduce sufficiently robust security solutions to protect their network environments.

A long-standing collaboration between the world’s two leading cybersecurity solution providers, Thales and Palo Alto Networks, will help support this widespread cloud migration and enable companies to implement zero trust security systems on a large scale. Through three technological integrations, companies gain access to internal resources within a robust and extremely resilient security architecture.

Cloud Transformation is seamlessly secured by adaptive, multi-factor authentication and access controls, reducing the risk of security breaches.

This collaboration comes at a time when enterprise-level cloud transformation is accelerating to support an increasingly hybrid world of work. In line with this change, it is crucial that companies secure distributed IT environments that no longer have a defined physical security perimeter. The combination of identity-aware, contextual access controls and multi-factor authentication systems enables secure cloud transformation while supporting remote workers, so that employees can securely access any resource from anywhere and on any device.

Three major integrations

The integrations minimize the threat of data breaches due to identity theft by implementing strong, adaptive authentication at the network edge and ensuring automatic remediation workflows in the event of untrusted access.

By integrating Thales’ SafeNet Trusted Access with Palo Alto Networks Prisma® Access, GlobalProtect, ML-Powered Next Generation Firewalls and Cortex® XSOAR technologies, companies are able to deploy a zero trust model in a range of solutions. Companies benefit from secure and adaptive multi-factor authentication, access management via edge solutions, network security policies, incident response and threat intelligence management.

“Thales has teamed up with us to support companies in their digital transformation. By working together, we are well prepared to offer a zero trust approach with authentication, SOC security and ZTNA solutions. With these integrations, organizations are able to seamlessly secure access to hybrid and cloud environments, detect suspicious account activity, trigger alerts automatically, and enforce stricter access policies in real-time,” says Tana Rosenblatt, VP Technology Partnerships at Palo Alto Networks .

Francois Lasnier, VP Access Management Products at Thales

“The threat landscape for businesses is evolving rapidly, leading to an increase in the scope and complexity of the risks that many of our customers are exposed to. As organizations move their network security to the cloud, it becomes more difficult to implement holistic security controls. We are excited to partner with Palo Alto Networks to provide a clear path to identity-aware zero trust security for businesses.

By applying and enforcing adaptive and multi-level authentication at the network edge and responding to untrusted access events in real time, Thales and Palo Alto Networks ensure that companies can successfully and securely make the transition to the cloud,“ concludes Francois Lasnier, VP Access Management Products at Thales .

Companies that want to implement Zero Trust frameworks in their networks can now integrate Thales and Palo Alto Networks security solutions.

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