Absence on vacation: Your e-mail will be deleted unread

Absence on vacation: Your e-mail will be deleted unread

If you don’t want to work on vacation, the emails are piling up after you return. A radical measure is the automatic deletion of emails. However, there are a few things to consider. […]

Working on vacation seems to be widespread among employees – regardless of whether they take on management responsibility at work or not. For example, a Berlin city councilor caused a stir because his absence assistant contained the note “Your e-mail will be deleted unread”. But you can’t decide something like that on your own. If there were no corresponding representation rules in the company, all e-mails would actually have to be processed. You should not just delete, quoted MDR.de an employment lawyer from the German Trade Union Confederation.

Anitra Eggler describes the automatic deletion of e-mails as a “radical measure”. Among other things, the author and speaker has written the book E-mail makes you stupid, sick and poor and describes herself as a digital therapist. “This is a radical measure that takes into account our radical misconduct – never to switch off again, to work somehow all the time, even on vacation, but not correctly, ” she says about the automatic deletion.

Eggler considers the deletion of e-mails to be feasible only in internal communication. This is not possible in external communication, especially when sales and customer communication are involved. For internal communication, Eggler can also gain positive benefits from deleting: “This deletion prevents the mails that are written in internal communication, because the sender is just too lazy to turn on his own brain or to do his own research,” she says. In this way, e-mails can be prevented in which the storage location of a certain document is asked.

It is important to explain the deletion process to the recipient in detail in an absence note, Eggler gives an example: “I am on vacation and switch off completely until day X. So that I am not catapulted from recovery by an email tsunami on day Y of my return, your email will be deleted.

If your request is still relevant on day Y, please contact us again. Before you get annoyed and harm your health: If your concern is about an impending doomsday or about unexpectedly big financial blessings, colleague XY will be happy to save the world with you by e-mail. You can reach him at XY and Z.“ She would put it this way for herself, but you have to trust yourself and be allowed to trust in the corporate context, says Eggler. Employees should make sure that the absence note fits the company.

*Andrea König has been writing for CIO.de . The focus of her work for the CIO editorial team are topics related to career, social networks, the future of work and book tips for managers. Working as a freelance writer for various editorial offices is no longer a full–time job – she works full-time as a PR consultant at a Hamburg communications agency.

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