Austria’s golden 20s for Cloud computing

The KPMG study “Cloud Monitor” shows that there are hardly any domestic companies with 20 or more employees who do not at least deal with the use of cloud computing. […]

“The corona pandemic has given cloud use a significant boost. Many companies have preferred their cloud projects during this time in order to go into the productive phase as quickly as possible,“ says KPMG partner and study leader Michael Schirmbrand.

While only 47 percent used a cloud solution last year, 63 percent of respondents now report that they have integrated cloud computing-an increase of 16 percentage points within a year. In comparison, 82 percent of companies in Germany use the cloud. “Even though our development has progressed more slowly than in Germany, cloud use has also established itself among Austrian companies in the meantime. The question is no longer whether cloud computing should be used, but how the transformation to a secure cloud-based company could take place,“ adds Schirmbrand.

30 Percent of respondents plan to integrate cloud computing and seven percent say that no use is planned.

Cloud Computing as a driver of digitalization

A clear picture emerges when it comes to digitization through the cloud: All respondents represent the statement that cloud solutions make a contribution to digitization. 86 Percent rate this development as rather large to very large, which means an increase of five percentage points compared to the previous year. “It is important, especially for companies that have now moved their business processes and operations to the cloud in the short term, that the cloud strategy is in line with the digital strategy. Cloud computing should not be seen as a solution in crisis newspapers, but in its function as a building block of digitization in the company,“ says Christian Frühwirth, KPMG Director.

The domestic results are almost identical to the statements of German companies. In Germany, 88 percent of respondents said that cloud computing promotes their digitization.

Into the cloud with the right strategy

Three quarters of Austrian companies have a cloud transformation strategy, while one in five companies say that the use of cloud computing in their company is not based on a specific strategy. Different approaches differ: Almost every third (30 percent) cloud user relies on a cloud-first strategy, which prefers cloud computing for new IT projects. 37 Percent pursue a cloud-too strategy, in which existing systems and applications are occasionally supplemented by cloud computing, but not replaced. A so-called cloud-only strategy, in which all systems and applications are migrated to the cloud in the medium to long term, is pursued by only five percent. In addition, it can be observed that companies with more than 250 employees rely on a cloud-first strategy with 56 percent more than smaller companies.

Regarding the different approaches, KPMG Director and cloud expert Wolfgang Schramm says: “There is no better approach. The introduction of a so-called Cloud Center of Excellence, a kind of cloud computing core team, is definitely recommended. For long-term secure use, specialists from several departments such as IT security, compliance or process management must be involved.“

A look at the year 2025

Every second company in Austria expects to have on average just over half of their productive applications in the cloud by 2025. Michael Schirmbrand draws the following conclusion from the results of this year’s study: “Over the years, cloud computing will rather be able to convince companies of itself and at the same time direct its way more and more towards the IT infrastructure of companies. For the cloud ecosystem, the golden 20s are imminent”.

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