Azure is moving past AWS

In the second pandemic year, COVID-19 continued to drive cloud migration forward. This is the result of Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report 2022. However, the expenses incurred were below the forecasts expected by companies. […]

Only 66 percent reported higher cloud usage than planned. In the previous year, 90 percent had assumed that they would exceed the IT budget.

An exception is the middle class. Cloud usage has grown massively in the last year. 53 Percent of small and medium-sized enterprises are already spending more than $1.2 million on their cloud instances. In the previous year, it was only 38 percent of SMEs.

In the next twelve months, a total of 63 percent of the workloads and 62 percent of the data in SMEs are to be executed or stored in the public cloud.

As in previous years, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are among the top three cloud providers. However, Azure (77 percent) manages to get past AWS (76 percent) for the first time.
Microsoft’s cloud computing platform also overtakes AWS in the number of virtual machines.

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