Consistently tailored processes at HOLTEC

Consistently tailored processes at HOLTEC

HOLTEC develops, plans, manufactures and assembles customer-specific complete solutions for the sawmill, wood-based panel and pellet industry. In order to modernize the business development, the company has opted for the integrated business software ams.erp is decided. […]

One reason for the success of the Eifel-based company is the wide-ranging program for log handling. In addition, the family-owned company with 180 employees is at the top in the segment of package cross-cut saws with 9,000 machines sold so far worldwide. In order to consolidate the developed market position and achieve greater process reliability, the responsible persons decided in October 2021 to replace the heterogeneous IT system landscape that had been created over the years with its numerous isolated solutions by the modern and integrated business software ams.replacing erp. The goals are more transparency and faster processes.

As with many medium-sized companies, HOLTEC also used various software systems in parallel as a result of continuous organic growth, which had also been individually adapted and expanded in many cases. This led to a high administrative effort and the reinforcement of isolated solutions. Therefore, those responsible decided to introduce a consistent ERP system.

Three main requirements

After the search for a suitable system was initially carried out on their own initiative, a consulting company was consulted for the official internal start of the ERP project, which supported the implementation of a professional process analysis. “In workshops with the key users, we recorded our requirements and brought the topic of ERP closer to the employees as a whole. The external consultants then made suggestions on possible providers and systems. In this context, the name ams fell.erp frequently“” recalls Patrick Baum, ERP Project Manager at HOLTEC.

From a functional point of view, the new business software had to meet three main requirements: it should be a technically modern system that, in addition to high integration capability, also has an equally high degree of process coverage as standard.

All these points could ams.erp mainly thanks to its industry focus. According to Patrick Baum, HOLTEC produces mostly customer-specific machines for woodworking, only a small part of the systems are manufactured in very small series. Due to the high specialization of the entire industry, a great deal of know-how is required on the part of the plant manufacturer in order to understand their respective customers not only schematically, but also in the context of the industry. “In both respects, ams has us.erp is convincing. On the one hand, due to the exclusive design of the system for batch size 1, on the other hand, thanks to the possibilities of dealing with our individual requirements. The combination allows us to act very flexibly in the system, which benefits our customers in particular through short reaction times,“ summarizes the project manager.

In addition to the functional factors, there was also the very close and professional cooperation with the entire ams project team.The solution is decisive for the selection of the system. “The communication was always down-to-earth and at eye level. The expertise and the thematic balance of the ams employees present gave us the certainty that we had found the right team for HOLTEC,“ Patrick Baum continues.

Addressed to the process-related and business-related effects that HOLTEC GmbH & Co. KG has achieved through the use of ams.erp promises, the management calls first and foremost a better data integrity while maintaining the flexibility proven in the company. Thanks to optimized processes, the throughput times at various points should be shortened and the risk of errors minimized. In addition, the higher transparency should lead to more comprehensible decisions. “We would like to modernize our way of working with the new system and thus achieve advantages for our business development and for our employees,” concludes the Management of HOLTEC GmbH & Co. KG. Currently, about 80 future ams users are expected at HOLTEC.

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