Develapps integrates into Cuatroochenta

Develapps integrates into Cuatroochenta

We have joined Cuatroochenta, a technology company specialized in developing and implementing digital cloud and cybersecurity solutions to improve the performance of organizations, a pioneer in app development in its origins like us.

A natural alliance that for Develapps means an important evolution, to expand our services and grow as part of an international project. The entire Develapps team, headed by the CEO, Juan Hontanilla, joins more than 200 professionals to continue responding to our customers with the utmost professionalism and confidence.

We maintain all our essence and continue to offer our services and developments (integration of ERP/CRM systems, interaction with physical devices, creation of interactive catalogs, mobile commerce…), but we expand our scope being able to integrate different solutions for the digitalization of processes and the improvement of productivity in the company.

The integration of Develapps in Cuatroochenta has opened a range of possibilities for all our customers and will multiply the technical capacity to offer better solutions.

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