DRACOON brings better data handling and more compliance security

Studie von Yubico zeigt mangelhafte Bereitschaft für starke Authentifizierung

Digital signature

From digital signature and document sealing to the analysis of user activities and events

A lot has happened at the Regensburg-based provider of enterprise file services: At the turn of the year, the market leader in the German-speaking world is presenting numerous new features that make data handling and compliance requirements even more convenient and secure. For example, data can now not only be digitally signed, but also digitally sealed using blockchain technology. This process can also be used to prove the authenticity of data.

  • Digital signing of PDF files
  • Reporting and analysis of user activities and events
  • Direct editing of Office documents via Office Add-in
  • Classification of strictly confidential data now also available for data rooms
  • Print to DRACOON enables easy PDF output and sealing
  • Healthcare: Connection to PACS system and display of DICOM data

“With DRACOON we have been following the platform approach for some time. This means that together with our integration partners, we ensure that our customers can use the best solutions in all areas – and DRACOON is the safe cocoon for all necessary processes at all times,“ explains Arved Graf von Stackelberg, Managing Director of DRACOON . “With the new features, we have succeeded in taking DRACOON and the compliance-compliant handling of data in companies, but also in the healthcare sector, to a completely new level. We simplify common processes, which on the one hand lead to enormous time savings, and on the other hand create the foundations and specifications to protect sensitive data in particular – as well as from the health sector – from misuse in the long term,“ Stackelberg continues.
The further development of the Enterprise File Service platform now offers even more possibilities for the digital future of companies. As a modular system for every application, customers receive a tailor–made solution for their requirements – and with the new Basic, Pro and Premium product variants, a scalable cloud infrastructure.

Digital signing of PDF files

The electronic signing service FP Sign enables documents to be signed directly from DRACOON and thus reduces the operational work steps to a minimum. In this way, individual documents can be signed without media interruption and without prior download.

Reporting and analysis of user activities and events

With the extended reporting, various events and user activities are documented, evaluated and made available to authorized persons. This functionality provides an important basis for compliance with compliance requirements with regard to the obligations to provide evidence, controls and checks.

Direct editing of Office documents via Office Add-in

The Office Add-in allows you to edit and save Microsoft Office files (e.g. Word, Excel or Power Point) directly in DRACOON without having to download them first. The same applies to changes to file classifications and to annotations to files.

Classification of strictly confidential files now also available for data rooms

With the classification of data rooms and folders, the compliance-compliant handling of sensitive data (e.g. patient files, personnel files, etc.) will become even easier in the future. For example, it is possible to determine which actions may not be performed with strictly confidential data if they are classified accordingly.

Print to DRACOON virtual printer driver enables easy PDF output and sealing

From now on, files can be easily converted to PDF or JPG format from any application and shared with other people. Thanks to blockchain technology, the digital sealing function ensures that manipulated file versions can be easily identified.

Healthcare: Connection to PACS system and display of DICOM data

With the connection to the PACS system (Picture Archiving and Communication System), a highly secure and digital exchange between clinics, doctors and patients becomes a reality. Imaging procedures such as X-ray or MRI images no longer have to be transferred via interference-prone and loss-prone storage media (e.g. patient CDs), but can be made available digitally directly to patients, general practitioners or further treating clinics via download link. The integration of the DICOM Viewer also allows a direct view in DRACOON.

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