“Dreams”: the German Duo five times for Impy Award nominated

At the Impy Awards next Sunday will be awarded with “Dreams” – created projects. Among the finalists for Team Pig Detective from Germany with “Pig detectives 3 – Death on Detox Island is located”.

On Sunday, the 14. February 17 at be chosen for the second Time, the winner of the Impy Awards. The award ceremony will be hosted by Media Molecules play kit “Dreams” and distributes Awards in 23 categories. Among the finalists (outsourcing workers), German Creators, as the Team Pig Detective are. Your game “Pig Detective 3 – Death on Detox Island” was one of the first Games that was created in “Dreams”.

Now the title goes in the five categories of the Impy Awards and is nominated for Funniest Creation, Best Narrative, Best Music, and Creation of the Year. On top of that, the German Duo behind “Team Pig Detective” – SebastianTeamPD and Lotte_Double – as Creator of the Year in the race.

In Dreams-created price giving ceremony will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. All of the nominees in the Overview on the PlayStation Blog.

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