Holoride’s virtual reality will be available on first Audi models in June

Holoride's virtual reality will be available on first Audi models in June

Updated on March 14 : Holoride gave details on March 12 about the first vehicles that will be compatible with its virtual reality entertainment technology. Unsurprisingly, given the start-up’s origins, Audi is taking the lead. Its A4, A6, A8, Q5 models and the aptly named e-tron GT will be able to take advantage of these capabilities from June thanks to their MIB 3 on-board entertainment system.

Note, however, that the feature will only be available in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom at first. Other markets (including France) will be served later. Partnerships with other car manufacturers are also expected afterwards.

Original article : Holoride gives its news on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2022. In particular, the start-up announces that its technology will be commercialized in the second half of this year. Founded in 2019 after being born within Audi, it develops a virtual reality system for car passengers. It takes into account the speed and movements of the car and reproduces them in real time in the virtual environment, which prevents users from feeling motion sickness. Holoride had raised 10 million euros last year to prepare for its launch on the market.

The start-up is also taking advantage of the show to reveal its first commercial partner in VR headsets: HTC. He said on February 25 that the Vive Flow would be the first device compatible with his system at launch. A consistent choice, this helmet being particularly well suited to this use case. Compact and lightweight (189 grams), it works by connecting by cable to an external device (for example a smartphone), does not have dedicated controllers, and can boast of a very decent display quality (1600 x 1600 pixels per eye at 75 Hz, with a field of view of 100 °).

Demonstrations of the system are currently being given on the show floor, with passengers taking a tour around the city of Barcelona. Holoride indicates that at launch it will offer both interactive 3D experiences and the possibility of viewing “classic” content on a virtual cinema screen. The cost of the solution and the details of its integration (in what way and on what types of vehicles) are not yet known. It is nevertheless known that Audi and Ford are among the manufacturers to have tested the system.

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