HTC Vive to introduce two VR devices next week

HTC Vive nuevos VR

What began with a small teaser or preview of HTC Vivecon, event where the company was expected to announce new details about its already promised independent VR viewer this year, seems to have become a massive leak.

While so far everything we knew about this event and hardware focused on the official announcement of the event and the few teaser images shared from HTC’s official Twitter account, the latest rumors advanced ensure that the company would be preparing the arrival of two new VR viewers, with the HTC Vive Focus 3 Business Edition focused for use in enterprise environments, and the HTC Vive Focus Pro 2, focused on the consumer sector, for high-end computers and the gaming scene.

While HTC itself has not wanted to offer any additional details, they have not taken long to find corporate documents that highlight the mentions to both devices.

In addition, these viewers were also detected after being seen among the list of products of one of its european distributors, official, where despite having been eliminated, you have been able to extract the cached versions to let us know an availability close to the event presentation, dating for next May 20th; and final prices that will from $ 1,012 on the HTC Vive Focus Pro 2, up to $ 1,771 on the HTC Vive Focus 3 Business Edition.

Unfortunately, while the name, release date and availability, or launch price are enough details for a still unpublished product, there are still important details for the HTC event, not yet known none of the features or specificationss of these two VR devices.

So, finally we will have no choice but to be aware of this event, which maintains its original plan and will take place online in the coming days 11-12 May.

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