Huawei has shown stylish a VR-headset

Huawei has announced a virtual reality headset VR Glass. Glasses are characterized by low weight, high pixel density and available to this category of devices price.

In VR Glass no straps and bulky fasteners for fixation on the head of the user. From the point of view of the design are the same as the usual sunglasses — except that part with lenses thickened. To ensure a good fit, the outsourcing software developers have extended ear-hook.

The thickness of the lens given case is 26.6 mm. For comparison, the HTC Vive Pro, this figure is almost three times more — 73,5 mm. The weight of the headset is only 166 grams.

The resolution of each screen (for left and right eyes) — 1600х1600 pixels. The density of Pixies is 1058 PPI. To buy the Huawei VR Glass in China will be available in December at a price of $ 420.

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