Ignorant employers: Bad job ads – no applicants

Ignorant employers: Bad job ads - no applicants

Job advertisements are criticized: too phraseological statements, confusing structure, missing contact information – all reasons why job candidates refrained from applying at least once. […]

German employers lose numerous applicants due to the style of their job advertisements. This is the result of the current HR monitor from the HR market research company Trendence. According to this, 47.6 percent of the applicants interviewed in it stated that they had already renounced applications due to overly general phrases in job advertisements.

More than a third cited a confusing structure as the reason for not applying. In third place in the prevention ranking is a weak language style, followed by incomprehensible job titles (33.7 percent) and missing contact details (28.2 percent). The language style in advertisements is particularly criticized by female applicants with an above-average high proportion of 38.9 percent. Job advertisements are still the most important source of information for candidates when it comes to a new job. For example, 71.2 percent of respondents say that they use them to draw attention to new professional challenges.

“Job advertisements are still the most important tool in the toolbox of employers looking for new employees,” says Robindro Ullah, Managing Director of the Trendence Institute. Therefore, it is amazing how many technical mistakes are still made here. From his point of view, the structure, language style and clear communication should have been internalized long ago. Their analysis shows that this is apparently not the case.

One result fits an actually simple basic requirement: for example, students cite missing contact information as the main reason why they do not apply. 40.8 Percent of university graduates state this accordingly. “Contact information is the absolute minimum requirement for getting a dialogue going. And an application process is ultimately such a dialogue,” continues Ullah.

When it comes to the content of which employer benefits applicants are most interested in job advertisements, these are above all the general conditions of a job. For example, it is most important for respondents to find information about their salary (49.5 percent consider it very important) and working hours (45.9 percent). In third place are references to home office rules, which 40.3 percent of candidates consider to be very important for their application decision.

For comparison: only 29.3 percent estimate information on concrete benefits in the respective company in this way. However, students are not so interested in home office regulations – only 25.8 percent of them rate them as “very important”. “The experiences of students with the home office during the pandemic are less positive than those of experienced employees. You take this with you when you start your career and look for other aspects in job advertisements. For them, the regulation of working hours is the first priority,“comments the Trendence boss.

Job boards are still the place where job seekers search for job advertisements. 64.2 Percent cite this as the primary source for this. Business networks such as LinkedIn or XING are used by 47.6 percent, corporate websites by 46.5 percent. On the other hand, only 29 percent of applicants go through search engines such as Google.

*Hans Königes is Head of the Jobs & Careers Department and is therefore responsible for all topics related to the labor market, jobs, professions, salaries, personnel management, recruiting and social media in professional life.

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