Indieway: GIST-organizers have Indies the way

For all those who missed this year’s conference, Gaming Istanbul, the GIST organizer Vardiya 25. February is a Biz-Dev-Event returns once in a month.

The organizers of the Gaming Istanbul have started a new team project. In the monthly Webinar series Indieway independent developers to advertise their games globally, and the Portal to the contacts make. The Event Marketing company Vardiya starts the Biz-Dev-program 25. February on the eponymous Portal. The project of the Turkish universities, developers, associations, and with #kalkgel the largest Influencer network of Turkey are involved.

From the end of February, the new webinars will be offered every month, an Online B2B area for Indies and investors, and a digital Expo area. In addition, participants can find an interactive Showcases, and a Token-based Meeting System. The ticket prices start at seven euros.

“Indieway the next step is to expand the scope of the work of our network and to build bridges between the West and the East. The Turkish Indie developer scene was never so alive as in the last few years. The developers want to make it to the next Level,” says Cevher Eryürek, Project Creator and Director. “On our new platform Indieway Indies to webinars and Online can participate in Workshops, investors and decision-makers meet their games in private Sessions present and your business on the Turkey and the MENA Region to develop. In addition, four of the Top Gaming Influencer Turkey will continue to support our Indies to reach an even bigger audience.”

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