LogPoint comments on the cyberattacks on Ukraine

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Christian Have, CTO at LogPoint

It has not yet been clarified who is behind the recent cyber attacks on the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and several banks. However, it could be part of a misinformation campaign. If Russia is indeed behind the attack, this is only a small part of asymmetric warfare, which will have a significant impact on the rest of the world, especially in Europe. Most likely, they will expand their attacks – either unintentionally or on purpose. Organizations around the world need to pool their efforts in the field of cybersecurity and ensure that they are able to detect and respond to security incidents before major damage is done.

In 2017, Russia attacked Ukraine with the NotPetya malware, which spread worldwide and caused collateral damage in more than 50 countries. A repetition of these events poses a significant risk in today’s threat landscape if, in the worst case, a war breaks out and the malware is spread further than intended. In this case, there is a high probability that they will also want to target the Ukrainian allies. Government agencies and businesses need to remain vigilant, proactively scan their IT infrastructure, and respond quickly to security incidents to stay safe.

The cyberwar has some advantages over the physical war: it is easier to assert a plausible possibility of denial. It will take some time for Ukraine to assess who orchestrated the attacks, so that the misinformation campaigns can continue until the world public turns its attention to something else.

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