MAHLE selects new identity governance solution from Omada

Studie von Yubico zeigt mangelhafte Bereitschaft für starke Authentifizierung

Automotive industry supplier implements Omada Identity as a modern and comprehensive solution for its identity and access management

Omada A/S (Omada), a leading global identity governance and administration (IGA) security provider, has been selected by MAHLE to replace the existing IGA solution. MAHLE, based in Germany, is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry.

In order to counter the growing risks of data security and to ensure that the company continues to meet all compliance requirements, MAHLE decided to invest in a new identity governance solution. MAHLE wanted a ready-to-use IGA functionality without extensive adjustments and also a solution that is scalable and continuously updated to keep up with future requirements. MAHLE chose Omada Identity primarily because of its intuitive user interface and flexible configuration options.

Omada Identity offered a number of specific features that tipped the scales for MAHLE – including the fact that it offers a significant set of processes for managing users’ identity lifecycle scenarios. The possibility of re-certification and the audit-ready documentation of all this data were other factors that spoke in favor of Omada. The solution also goes beyond IT security: by automating repetitive important tasks, Omada Identity relieves IT departments and additionally reduces costs.

Ines Jordan, IAM Project Manager at MAHLEsays about the new solution: “Our user information is quickly and easily retrievable and the dashboard clearly shows which tasks are to be processed. Omada Identity has a positive impact on cost efficiency, data protection, compliance and risk management in the company. Thanks to the automated re-certification processes, the administrative effort is minimized and we can ensure that all users have the right access rights to do their own work.“

Michael Garrett, CEO of Omada , explains the advantages of Omada’s solution: “Companies like MAHLE have to meet various business requirements in order to adequately protect the identities of their own users and reduce risks, while giving their employees efficient access to the tools and data they need – no matter where they work. Omada Identity offers comprehensive identity and access management with automation and analysis functions that reduce the IT workload. We are pleased that MAHLE has decided to build its future identity governance on Omada Identity.“

About Omada

Omada, a global leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), provides a comprehensive, enterprise-grade, cloud-based IGA solution that enables organizations to achieve compliance, reduce risk and maximize efficiency. Founded in 2000, Omada provides innovative identity management for complex hybrid environments based on a proven best practice process framework and implementation approach.

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