Make your old Hardware with Ubuntu 19.10 again

If technology team with many years of experience to gush, then the product in question must be, is really good. Such seems to be the new Ubuntu Linux 19.10.

Scott Gilbertson of Ars Technica is thrilled. For more than ten years, he tests each new Ubuntu Release, the Linux distribution from Canonical. With the current Version 19.10, which is published regularly in October, revealed to him a new performance concept.

Ubuntu 19.10: Old Lenovo depends on the new Macbook

So Gilbertson reported that he tested just a brand new Macbook as Ubuntu 19.10 was released. Without any great expectations, he installed it on his old Lenovo and was blown away. With Ubuntu 19.10 be, Lenovo had to Gilbertsons words, the Macbook is “how to be a sloth” act. Whether the enthusiasm wears the comparison here is something more than the lens would be justified, of course, is difficult to assess.

Gnome 3.34 is to blame for the gain in performance

Therefore, Gilbertson recommends any Ubuntu-Aficionado switch to Version 19.10. A key driver of the improved Performance of the used Gnome 3.34 is. In this Canonical had contributed to developers particularly intense.

It was not for them is to eliminate any bottlenecks, but also to optimize the System in a state of rest. This should occur in the imagination of the developers a soft operation with flowing sequences and animations. This is Gilbertsons considered quite excellent.

Javascript has no influence on the Performance

In the context of the outstaffing Work on the new Gnome, the developers looked at the often criticized the use of Javascript, which was supposed to make up for weaknesses in Performance is responsible to. This assumption was, however, not confirm. Rather, it showed that the Javascript components hit practically not at all a negative impact on performance.

Revised Theme brings a fresh Wind into the Design

In addition to the speed of the new Look of the revised Community-Themes Yaru like to Ubuntu 19.10. Instead of taking a decision for a light or dark Theme, combined with the Desiagner light and dark elements, and built a kind of Composite Theme that looks very elegant.

Ubuntu's revised Yaru-Theme. (Source: Ars Technica)

Ubuntu’s revised Yaru-Theme. (Source: Ars Technica)

Users of AMD and Nvidia graphics hardware might be interested in Ubuntu 19.10, because of the used Kernel in the current Version 5.3 supports the Radeon-RX-5700-series. Nvidia-drivers found in the installation File and require no additional effort after the Ubuntu Installation.

Conclusion: Install Ubuntu 19.10

Who has not yet been this is actually still completely intact Laptop in the corner, with the current Windows 10, just before passing away easily? Gilbertson promises that the mutated with Ubuntu 19.10 really to have a racehorse. A try it is worth it. It don’t cost nothing…

Fits to: Linux-Kernel 5.3 adds support for new graphics chips and old floppy disk drives

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