Pimax has announced a new model Pimax 5K “Super”

Pimax has announced a new model Pimax 5K “Super”

Pimax 5K Super is positioned as the only VR headset capable of working at frequencies up to 180 Hz. Helmet Pimax 5K SUPER was originally presented at CES in January 2020 in the form of a prototype as a part of a line of six headsets. But 5K SUPER is actually an updated version of Pimax 5K Plus 2018 release. Like its predecessor, the new headset will have two LCD screen at 2560 x 1440 pixels, field of view diagonally to 200 degrees (FoV) and full SteamVR 1.0. and support tracking 2.0.

The owners Pimax Vision 5K Super can enable the experimental mode 180 Hz or work on the still high frequency of 160 Hz. Some of the best VR headsets operate with a frequency of about 90 Hz, for example Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive Cosmos Elite. Not to be outdone in the specifications, Pimax released Super Vision 5K, which has a pilot mode which is an incredibly high refresh rate of 180 Hz.


Pimax, of course, added new functionality. It includes the standard refresh rate of 160 Hz, and experimental refresh rate 180 Hz for smoother games – along with the modes 64/72/90 and 120 Hz. Customers will also receive audiotap modular design (Modular Audio Strap), increase the level of comfort and ease of use, as well as protective front cover plate for longer gaming sessions.


In addition, as with all new headset Pimax SUPER 5K will be supplied with the software Pimax VR Experience, which simplifies the initial setup and can optimize all the settings of VR.

Pimax 5K Super already on sale at a cost 749 dollars. This development team also distributes helmet with a set of SteamVR 2.0 lighthouse and controllers Valve Index for 1249 dollars.

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