Raiffeisen Informatik automates networks

Raiffeisen Informatik automates networks

The Austrian IT service provider of the Raiffeisen Banking Group relies on a Juniper solution to optimize network management and reduce costs. […]

With an automated network platform, Vienna-based Raiffeisen Informatik (R-IT) wants to enable “greater business agility” for the banks in the cooperative network. The system is also intended to reduce the need for employees for IT infrastructure and operations. For this purpose, the IT service provider of the Austrian Raiffeisen banks uses a solution called Apstra from Uniper Networks.

The CEO of Raiffeisen Informatik, Michael Linhart, wants to offer the network participants IT services “with the highest level of security, performance and availability, so that they can concentrate on their core processes”. Juniper Apstra facilitates planning, design and operation for the network teams of Raiffeisen-Informatik and reduces configuration errors. Higher reliability and more speed are designed to improve the user experience.

By automating the network lifecycle, the IT service provider should be able to use its employees more efficiently. From the flexible architecture, Raiffeisen Informatik hopes to be able to operate its multivendor networks like a single-vendor network.

Raiffeisen Informatik supports the banks, insurance companies and financial service providers of the group of the same name in various areas from lending and receivables management to securities settlement, data management and digitized accounting. The Raiffeisen Banking Group (RBG), which is structured as a cooperative, is the largest banking group in Austria. 2.8 Million Austrians have their account there. Around 24,700 employees work in more than 1,900 branches.

*Christiane Pütter is a journalist from Munich. She writes about IT, business and science. In addition to CIO and Computerwoche, her clients include several corporate publishing magazines, especially in the field of banking/insurance.

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