Salary 2022: these five IT jobs are particularly in demand

Salary 2022: these five IT jobs are particularly in demand

Companies are mainly looking for employees who ensure the smooth operation of IT systems, according to a recent study by personnel service provider Robert Half. […]

Corona has not only promoted remote working, but has also given digitization projects in many industries a big boost: According to the Bitkom survey, 92 percent of companies have expanded their video conferencing services and 74 percent of respondents have introduced new tools for digital collaboration – IT professionals are needed for this.

Personnel service provider Robert Half has examined which positions will be particularly in demand next year and what salaries can be expected. And this is what his list of the five IT jobs in demand for 2022 looks like:

Helpdesk employees have gained in importance in recent months, according to the Robert Half analysis, because “all problems and malfunctions in the event of software or hardware errors are received by them”. In times of home office, companies must be able to rely on technically ready-to-use systems and employees at all times.

Helpdesk specialists are the first contact for IT users. In this job, the professionals must first of all correct acute errors. The management of fault messages, their prioritization and processing is usually organized by an IT professional via a ticket system and the so-called help desk. On average, he can expect an annual salary of 39,750 euros, experienced employees reach around 54,000 euros per year.

The IT security consultant advises companies on protecting important data from hacker attacks, data loss, viruses or phishing attacks. The area of responsibility also includes the selection of suitable hardware and software for the necessary network and firewall infrastructures and the development of preventive solutions in the event of data loss.

The IT security Consultant has a high responsibility for corporate process and data security, especially in times of the home office. Among other things, applications for highly secure VPN connections, the transfer of large amounts of data and security training for employees are in demand. According to the Robert-Half salary analysis, he can expect an average annual salary of 68,500 euros per year, top employees can look forward to 87,500 euros per year.

The core area of this position is the IT infrastructure of a company. This includes the planning, configuration and installation of the various IT systems as well as the fulfillment and monitoring of security standards and certificates. IT administrators also assign and monitor the access rights of all employees.

The professional organization and further development of computer systems is important for smooth business processes, especially in times of remote work and a predictable increase in demand for computing and server services. The administrator earns an average of 50,750 euros a year, the professionals are about 60,750 euros a year.

System administrators are often highly specialized in specific operating or storage systems and databases. Your daily tasks include monitoring and maintaining operating systems and storage systems, as well as performing backups and data backups. The latter must meet the requirements of the GDPR – an important task for these experts. In terms of earnings, the system administrator is about on the level of the “normal” admin with an annual salary of 53,750 euros, the professionals take home around 62,750 euros a year.

Hardware supporters set up computers anew, install programs and ensure quick troubleshooting of hardware problems. In addition, you need to make sure that peripheral devices, such as external hard drives, printers or scanners, work smoothly. As experts, they are able to train users in the use of the hardware. In terms of earnings, they tend to be at the level of helpdesk employees with an average annual salary of 36,250 euros, professionals make it to about 50,000 euros a year.

*Hans Königes is Head of the Jobs & Careers Department and is therefore responsible for all topics related to the labor market, jobs, professions, salaries, personnel management, recruiting and social media in professional life.

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