Smart AR lenses InWith

Smart AR lenses InWith

Is it possible to integrate computer vision into my own eyes, without the use of smart glasses for augmented reality? California startup InWith is smart contact lenses that come with microelectronics and augmented reality.

Minus, which eventually affects the immersion into the modern virtual reality devices – the complexity enclosure. In everyday life, hardly it is possible to combine AR/VR technology, for example, in the subway or bus, and look from the outside it would be comical. Many companies have introduced ultra-compact augmented reality glasses, similar to glasses for vision, for example, Magic Leap. However, the researchers lusting even more compact sizes and Mojo Vision for the first time demonstrated the development of e-scleral lenses, having received investment of 160 million dollars.

Inwith develop the idea of the Mojo lens, but this time, use a more gentle, soft and affordable lens, integrating them in a flexible technique that can expand or shrink in the process of wearing.

In addition to augmented reality lenses perform its original function, and correct defects of vision, farsightedness or nearsightedness. Electronic lens is powered by a blink of the eye. Also Inwith represent the charging case is where lenses are charged in standby mode. It’s like storing a Bluetooth headphone, but the case is filled with liquid lens.

Output devices in the market is known only in the role of “immediate future”. In 2020, the manufacturer announced the collaboration with a leading outsourcing company for the production of contact lenses of Bausch & Lomb.

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