Software development: Kotlin is now the second most popular JVM language, behind Java

Software development: Kotlin is now the second most popular JVM language, behind Java

Kotlin is increasing in popularity. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Software security experts from Snyk have submitted their annual report on the outstaffing development of the JVM Ecosystem. The shows that Kotlin in the favor of the Java developer is now directly behind Java in second place.

Developers in the environment of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the Java runtime environment, also currently the closest to Java as the programming language of your choice. The “Original” holds a stable share of around 86 percent, by far the top position.

Kotlins advantages lead to rising popularity

In the past, Clojure and Scala followed to the places 2 and 3. Now it is managed Jetbrains Kotlin, 2nd place to advance. This is due in part to the much lower entry threshold in comparison to Java, is likely to be Substantially mainly due to the fact that Android Kotlin supports now complete, and thus the use of language as a native of choice for Android development appear. Similarly, Kotlin for the Web is to use. The Code will be output in Javascript.

In addition, Kotlin provides a nearly seamless Integration with Java, so that a mixed-use can be done without significant additional effort. Developers can call Kotlin Code without problems, a Java class and Vice versa. So Java could be programs step in Kotlin rewritten without affecting the functionality of the code. Also, the support of Kotlin in JVM-business Frameworks such as Spring Boot is likely to have given the language a boost.

However, the second place on the popularity scale means a share of 5.5 percent. After all, it is equal to the proportion of the Clojure and Scala, in the meantime, achieve together, but far from the 86 percent of the original removed.

Kotlin also outside the JVM is extremely popular

The already mentioned additional benefits of Kotlin had in the meantime passed long ago that Kotlin outside of the JVM environment was already in 2018, according to Rust’s most popular programming language at all. That was a huge success for the 2016 introduced language.

For 2019, the Stack Overflow revealed Insights into a fast-paced Run on Python, and Typescript, the Kotlin with rich five percentage points less than previously extruded in space 4.

Fits to: Kotlin: Why the new programming language is so incredibly popular

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