Sony increases its commitment to PSVR with new games for PS4 and PS5

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For a long time we have been hearing that Sony was preparing a new PSVR device for PS5, with the recent confirmation that moved it beyond the current year. However, that does not mean that the company wanted to show its interest in virtual reality, with the presentation of a small batch of new games which, starting this month, will arrive during this year to your VR device.

Doom 3 VR Edition

Among which the announcement of Bethesda stood out, with a reversal of his 2004 game which includes the original Doom 3 installment, as well as the contents of the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission expansions. All of these have been included in one package redesigned specifically for PS VR technology.

And it is that far from the multiple reviews created by fans( which undoubtedly lack quality) we find ourselves with a completely official version, optimized to be played within the motion controls environment, 180 degree quick turn functionality, with new textures, shaders and sound effects. Thus, it is expected that this new delivery will be better received than the last attempt of the company with Doom VFR, although for the moment it highlights the fact that they are only promised “more than 15 hours of fast-paced action”.

But without a doubt the surprise comes with its date, since it will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this monthnext day, the 29th.


Innovating a bit on the already common shooters for VR, nDreams, developer of the well-known Phantom: Covert Ops presents us with a game that combine frenetic action with stealth and strategy, allowing us a fairly wide freedom of action and movement, being able to climb walls or mountains, and even ski far (or directly inside) the danger.

Available for both PS4 and PS5, its developers assure that this title will come with some improvements for the next generation console, find out which a higher quality resolution is included. Again without a fixed date, the developer has already shared that it will be an exclusive release for PSVR, coming between summer releases.

Song in the Smoke

With a theme of survival and exploration, this title will take us to the prehistoric period, where we must learn to create tools and weapons, hunt our food with bows and spears, and survive the furtive attacks of wild beasts, and other mystical forces.

Designed specifically for PSVR, it highlights the fact that require the use of PS Move controllers. Without a fixed date at the moment, it is already planned that this game will be released within 2021.

I Expect You to Die 2

Direct sequel to this hit title ingenuity and escape rooms themed around telekinetic spies, this new installment will include new levels and challenges to put us to the test.

Although it will come to PSVR, this time we find ourselves with a cross-platform launch, also targeting its arrival on PC and other VR devices. Although details about its availability date are still rather scarce, new details for “later in 2021″have barely been announced.

Zenith: The Last City

One of the few titles to venture into the genre MMORPG for virtual reality, with an aesthetic halfway between western and Japanese animation, and a theme that will mix fantasy with futuristic technology. The world seems quite massive, with combats involving cutting weapons and casting spells, as well as the freedom to climb or fly through different maps, and the promise of even more possibilities.

With the only confirmation of your arrival at PSVR, PC and Oculus VR devices during this year, no date has been brought forward so far.


After the Fall

From the creators of the virtual reality zombie survival game Arizona Sunshine, this post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter it looks like it’s finally coming to PSVR with cross-platform gameplay. And it is that after a slight silence, finally his last trailer seems to justify the wait, showing a dark and atmospheric theme, an electronic soundtrack with a theme of the 80s (very much in the style of Stranger Things), and a lot of blood. Although unfortunately, not a single image of gameplay.

No release date, but mentioned a closed beta with an upcoming release.

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