Sophos publishes its new ransomware report 2022

Sophos publishes its new ransomware report 2022

The current threat situation due to ransomware attacks

Results of an independent survey of 5,600 IT decision-makers from 31 countries

In this year’s report, you can read how companies’ experiences with ransomware have changed over the past 12 months and what consequences ransomware has for them.

You can also find out how cyber insurers handle ransomware claims and how often they cover costs. The report answers the following questions, among others:

  • How many companies have been affected by ransomware in the last year?
  • What methods were used to recover encrypted data?
  • How much ransom have medium-sized companies paid on average?
  • How far-reaching are the operational consequences of ransomware attacks?
  • How often do cyber insurance companies pay the ransom?

In addition, Sophos has created individual reports with specific figures for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you fill out the form on the download page, you will receive both the global overall report and the individual country reports.

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