Tanium presents free, comprehensive risk assessment

Der Wechsel vom reaktiven zum proaktiven Sicherheitsbetrieb

Comparison of your own risk situation with other companies in the industry

Tanium, the only provider of converged Endpoint Management (XEM), today announced a new, comprehensive and free risk assessment. During this five-day evaluation, companies get a holistic and quantifiable overview of their risk situation, a detailed assessment and a comparison of the risk situation with an industry benchmark as well as a detailed remediation and implementation plan to eliminate the overall risk in their IT environment.

The new risk assessment combines the power of the Tanium platform, a cloud-based deployment model and Python-based script automation to enable a permanent, data-driven form of IT risk assessment and communication at all levels of the company. By using the Tanium risk assessment, companies can make informed and fact-based decisions about their IT budgets, planned investments and targeted remedial measures to demonstrably improve their risk assessment.

“But how do you create added value with a risk solution?”, ask Phil Harris, Research Director, Cybersecurity Risk Management Services, IDC. “Provide data as close as possible in real time and automate compliance. Take the data, rank it, prioritize it and show how it affects risk assessment and what it means for the company’s risk management. Because once you know what’s going on, you can make better business decisions.“

Existing industry-standard risk assessments provide a far less accurate view of a company’s risk because they cannot access the amount and variety of endpoint data, so customers have to compile important information across different tools to get a clear picture of the risk across the entire operation. This is problematic when you consider that only 37 percent of IT security managers say that it takes their company less than a day to identify and track threat activity on the endpoints.

“The clear quantification and communication of risks is still one of the biggest challenges for companies, regardless of size and industry. CIOs and CISOs face the difficult task of contextualizing their priorities and justifying investments to their management teams and boards,” he said Pete Constantine, Chief Product Officer at Tanium. “Tanium’s risk assessment bridges this gap by providing customers with a tangible, complete view of their risk situation and a clear path to address cyber incidents such as ransomware, insider threats and persistent vulnerabilities such as Log4j.“

The Tanium risk assessment provides customers with a holistic, quantitative risk assessment in terms of system vulnerabilities, compliance, administrative access, the risk of lateral movement, the identification of sensitive data, encryption and authentication, and insecure transport security protocols. Further advantages are:

  • Summary of all risk sources in a single, easy-to-use assessment
  • Creation of automatic comprehensive reports with remediation and implementation plans
  • Merging the information from the entire Tanium platform so that data from different tools does not have to be put together
  • Provision of management-level dashboards and operator reports

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