Tips for Protecting Mobile Banking from Malware

Tipps zum Schutz von Mobile Banking vor Malware

Mobile banking has many advantages. For example, transfers can be easily made from a smartphone or tablet. However, there are some safety aspects to consider in order not to experience unpleasant surprises. Here are five tips to make mobile banking safer.

A secure password

The first tip for solid protection is a strong password. So that strangers do not just get access to the terminal, some aspects should be taken into account . Of course, there are still opportunities that unauthorized persons can use. However, the password for the tablet or smartphone already eliminates an obvious vulnerability. A strong password should also be used for the banking app used. It is advisable to use different passwords to make access more difficult. Along with the other tips, there is a first good protection.

Use only trusted networks

In order to be able to carry out mobile banking, an Internet connection is required. This should be done via a stable WLAN. It is also advisable to use only your own WLAN. Hotspots are well suited for normal surfing. However, sensitive matters such as mobile banking should rather not be carried out with it. If you want to use a different connection, a VPN is a good option. Split tunneling is a good feature of VPN. This provides reliable protection and makes mobile banking a secure affair. In combination with good virus protection, this is a significant step towards more security in mobile banking.

Keeping the software up to date

A potential security risk in mobile banking is a terminal that is too old. These often have outdated software that can make the system vulnerable. It is therefore necessary to carry out regular software updates . As a result, the device remains up to date and is accordingly equipped with the best safety standards in each case. If it is a terminal that is no longer supported, its use for mobile banking is not recommended. In this case, it is worthwhile to invest in a new model in order to continue to take advantage of the advantages of mobile banking.

Be careful when installing the apps

An attack point for fraudsters is often the app with which the banking is carried out. It is a good security to obtain information in advance whether your own bank even offers an app. In addition, only trusted sources such as the Play Store should be used for the download. Apps should also be regularly checked for updates with regard to the software. This reduces the attack surface, which consequently makes banking safer.

Setting maximum limits

In the case of mobile banking, maximum limits can be set for the maximum amounts. Thus, the possible losses in an attack can at least be kept within limits, since it can not be emptied at one fell swoop. This method is particularly advisable if unauthorized persons have come to the access data for the account for any reason. In addition, it is helpful to check the account movements regularly. Inconsistencies in the movements are immediately noticeable. In such a case, the bank should be contacted immediately, which has the opportunity to temporarily block the account.

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