Windows 11: How to turn on power mode for more power

Windows 11: How to turn on power mode for more power

Microsoft’s Windows 10 power-performance slider moves into Windows 11, but it’s not that easy to find. Here’s how to find the power mode, and what it can do for you. […]

If you are wondering how to increase the performance of your Windows 11 PC, you may already know one way: take advantage of the Windows Performance slider. But in Windows 11, Microsoft has hidden it. We’ll show you where.

Microsoft offers you an easy way to increase performance in Windows 10, as our previous article shows. When you click on the battery icon in the Windows taskbar, the so-called power slider opens, which allows you to exchange lower power for longer battery life.

In Windows 10, the Windows power slider is easy to find: just click on the battery icon (c) Mark Hachman / IDG

Of course, this feature is common on laptops, less so on desktops. But it makes a difference. Microsoft, for example, shuts down the performance slider on its devices to the most minimal settings, sparing battery life at the expense of performance. On Surface devices such as the Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Pro 7+, you can get an extra boost of six to seven percent by simply sliding the power slider to “best performance”, depending on the benchmark. (The actual numbers can be found in these tests.)

As our first hands – on experience with the first official build of Windows 11 showed, Microsoft – apparently on purpose-omitted the slider for performance. The latest update has added him back, but he is no longer where he was before. Clicking on the battery icon in the Windows 11 taskbar opens the Windows 11 Quick Settings, where you can adjust the volume, turn on Focus Assist, and more.

blankWhoo! There is no way to get into Windows 11 Power mode from here (c) Mark Hachman / IDG

How to enter the power mode of Windows 11

In Windows 11, the Windows Energy Efficiency slider is not a slider. He even has an official name: Windows 11 Power mode.

To reach it, you must enter the actual Windows 11 settings menu by either navigating through the Start menu or simply clicking the WIN+X key and navigating to the right place. In Settings, go to System & gt; Power & Battery, and then scroll down to the “Power Mode”button. Here you should see several options that end with” Best Performance”. Choose the one that is suitable for you.

blankGo to the Windows 11 Settings > System > Power & Battery menu to access the Windows 11 Power Mode drop-down menu (c) Mark Hachman / IDG

Note that this menu selection depends on the hardware manufacturer of your PC. If you bought a desktop or built it yourself, you may not see any options under Power Mode here. However, if you bought a laptop, you should have several options to choose from. Why not power up your PC to maximum performance?

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