2N extended Intercom System for Smart Home and Surveillance

2N erweitert Gegensprechanlage für Smart Home und Überwachung

2N® Indoor View Answering Machine with Video Surveillance and Smart Home Functions

2N, the world market leader in Internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, has updated the firmware of the 2N® Indoor View, the intercom for high-quality residential projects, to turn it into both a monitoring device and a control center for complex home automation systems. The upgrade was designed to meet the changing needs of the residents of luxury properties around the world.
Residents of luxury real estate attach particular importance to safety and comfort. Recent technological advances have increased the desire of homeowners to integrate smart devices that can provide both.

The new firmware from 2N is a response to this demand and improves the 2N® Indoor View in three ways:

1. Up to four IP cameras can now be connected to the answering machine

These IP cameras don’t even need to be connected to the intercom – they just need to be on the same local network as the intercom. In this way, the resident can see what is going on in the hallway, behind the house or in the garage via the 7-inch color touchscreen display of the 2N® Indoor View in the house.

2. Photos are taken of each call through the intercom

Also from missed calls: for example, if there has been a cluster of burglaries in an area and the residents are worried that burglars will check if someone is at home by ringing for a short time. The 2N® Indoor View now automatically takes snapshots of every caller – including missed calls – and adds them to the call log. The device takes more than one picture if the person at the door turned to the side or held his hand in front of the camera at the crucial moment.

3. The device can act as a home automation control center

HTTP commands can now be sent from the 2N® Indoor View, i.e. it is possible to control smart home functions – such as switching on the light, opening the blinds or calling the elevator – directly from the answering machine.

Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N, says:: “We know from the residents of luxury real estate that they expect more security and comfort from their smart devices and that they have no patience with products that do not work well together. This upgrade meets these requirements by turning the 2N® Indoor View into a surveillance device and making it the heart of the smart home ecosystem.”

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