8 Tools for PWA developers

Progressive Web Apps 8 Tools for PWA developers

Progressive Web Apps are a handy way to web outstaffing services without App Stores as an App on various operating systems. To develop these, however, are some of the tools needed.


The site Dev-Insider as a rudimentary Progressive Web App.The site Dev-Insider as a rudimentary Progressive Web App.

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A web service as a Progressive Web App is to offer a number of advantages. However, the implementation is not always trivial, especially since different operating systems and browsers may be can be different approach in development require. However, PWA development is not magic – and with the right tools to accomplish.

ReactJS: The Open-Source JavaScript Library

One of the most interesting Tools for PWA development ReactJS is The free open-source JavaScript library allows, with a simple command, the creation of a universal PWA for a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, with the exception of the Apple Ecosystem. According to the actual creation of the Web App, only the relevant Manifest file, and the Service must be involved-Worker. By the way, can be developed with the spin-off of the React Native directly to the native Apps for iOS and Android.

Chromium-Browser Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

With Microsoft’s new Edge Browser on Chromium-based, and Google Chrome, it is possible to install any Website as a Progressive Web App in macOS or Windows. This is perfect, to check, for example, quickly and easily, whether the existing Layout is suitable for the application as a Progressive Web App, or to use a frequently-visited Website as an App.

Possible about the App function in the browser (Edge), or the creation of a link (Chrome). This “Quick-and-dirty-PWA” are then created with two clicks, and can be tested and used. In addition, an interesting guide for creating a complete Progressive Web Apps for the Chromium platform, so the Browser Edge, Chrome, and Safari can be found in the developer section of Microsoft as well as Google Developers.

Polymer Project

In the case of the Polymer, as in the case of ReactJS to an Open-Source JavaScript library that is maintained by Google among others. It is intended for Web applications and components and develop efficiently. In addition to Google services such as Netflix or companies such as Coca-Cola, for example, use the Library, Web applications, including Progressive Web Apps.

ScandiPWA for Magento

The Magento-Webshop-System is the Quasi-Standard for creating powerful Online shop. With the Open-Source Theme ScandiPWA it can be to PWA, or expand functions. This allows for the easy creation of online shops, which can also be used as a PWA used. ScandiPWA supports over 350 Magento-functions, is freely scalable and can be used without additional external Tools. This large potential for saving development costs.

Vue.JS with Quasar-Framework

Also, the popular JavaScript Framework Vue.JS may help in the development of progressive Web Apps: the additional Quasar-Framework for both Mobile Apps as well as Desktop Apps, Browser and can be created extensions and, of course, PWAs. Also Android, MacOS, and Linux in addition to Windows platforms. Practically is that existing App-projects can be very easily to other convert.


Also in the case of Ionic is a developer Framework that has specialized in the creation of Apps. Developers can draw on a wide range of preset components, in addition, Ionic is associated with vue.js . Ionic promises to be a very fast and efficient App development with Low-Code elements. The Adaptive-Styling-function allows for a rapid development of attractive Frontend for PWAs, as well as for other Apps.


The Component Framework to Svelte promotes itself as a “completely new approach for the construction of User Interfaces”. In the development of PWAs that can be helpful: Svelte allows the beginner-friendly building fast Apps by only one Editor with preview function, but also HTML, CSS and JavaScript is limited. The creation of the necessary and particularly nimble JS-modules is then done by compilation.

PWA Builder

The PWA Builder is a particularly interesting Tool when it comes to an existing Website into a PWA transform: Initially, Microsoft initiated, the Website offers the possibility of a URL query and examine your PWA fitness. What sounds obvious, is in practice very helpful: for example, the Service displays which components are implemented, how well, and what steps are required to make a Website as a PWA available. At the same time PWA Builder offers the possibility of the corresponding components to retrofit.


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