A1 study: Cybercrime ads are rising rapidly

A1 study: Cybercrime ads are rising rapidly

The impact of cybercrime is increasing very strongly in the private sector in Austria. Corona has massively fueled this development. […]

Whether it’s fraudulent fake SMS that pretends to receive a supposed package, or emails with the intention of spying on account data: cyber crime has arrived in the living rooms of the country. Corona has also massively fueled this development: logging in on various platforms, ordering from restaurants or downloading the latest lockdown party app – personal data has never been entered so often on the net. With the latest FluBot attack, i.e. fake SMS, which, under the false pretext that a package is allegedly on the way and entices a (malicious) app to be installed, another wave of cyber attacks is rolling towards Austria’s Internet and smartphone users.

“Professional and private everyday life are increasingly shifting to the Internet. As a result, many users face major challenges. Above all, the rapidly changing threat scenarios and the often perfidious approach of cyber criminals make it necessary to deal with the topic of cybersecurity as a private user. With A1 Net Protect, we are taking the customer’s effort and supporting them in staying safe“” says A1 CCO Consumer Natascha Kantauer-Gansch.

“The increase in cybercrime notifications of 26% year-on-year in 2019/20 does not bode well for the coming years. More than 36,000 advertisements were recorded in the private sector, a very high number of unreported cases can be assumed. Unfortunately, the detection rate of this type of crime cannot keep up with this massive increase. A1 itself also recorded over 30,000 attacks on the infrastructure in 2020. However, A1 can defend itself,“ adds Gilbert Wondracek, A1 Head of Security Operations.

A1 Net Protect is already intended to protect at the network level

With A1 Net Protect, A1 offers a security product that, according to the information, already offers security at the network level and thus makes it difficult for cybercriminals to access the user’s data. A1 Net Protect can be used on all operating systems and devices, without the purchase and installation of an additional app, software or hardware. A1 Net Protect intervenes regardless of the current life phase of the malicious software: before the download, before the dangerous domain is accessed, but also when the malware is already on the device and tries to communicate with your Command & Control Center.

Thus, the A1 Net Protect protection covers all devices of the network, including those that are very complicated or cannot be secured at all, because there is no suitable app or even an interface available for it. A1 Net Protect is therefore also suitable for securing smart home gadgets, such as smart thermostats or cameras. The service is updated and updated in real time, so users are always protected against the latest threats.

“As different as cybercrime is, all attacks have one thing in common: they need connectivity. Therefore, the Internet provider has an increasingly important role to play. It can block attacks and prevent the functioning of malware on the network side. Whalebone has therefore developed A1 Net Protect based on the network know-how of and together with A1: with A1 Net Protect we prevent the communication of malware with the Internet and thus paralyze it,“ explains Richard Malovič, Founder &CEO of Whalebone and co-developer of A1 Net Protect.

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