Android: block ads in all browsers

Android: block ads in all browsers

Whether to save bandwidth or to save nerves – on Android devices, advertising can be blocked centrally in all browsers. […]

Advertising is vital for many media; without advertising, many portals could no longer offer free services. However, it can be useful to want to block advertising, for example if you could only afford a small mobile data quota or if you want to protect your kids from the temptations of the markets.
For this purpose, a private DNS provider such as consider one that filters out not only classic advertising domains, but also malware domains. Its use is free of charge.


When accessing a web address, each device usually consults the domain name server (DNS) of its own provider. It returns the IP address belonging to the web address to the device, whereupon, for example, the browser finds and displays the correct website on the device. This also applies to objects embedded on websites, such as advertising banners. If you change the DNS to another provider, for example to in the future, it is this one who performs the so-called name resolution on your device. However, he compares the domains fully automatically with his filter lists. For domains that he knows as pure advertising suppliers or even as malware domains, he does not provide the valid IP address, but a local one. Result: whatever can be found under the address of that advertising banner will not reach your device. The picture stays away. We show it using a standard Android 11 smartphone; however, it should also work very similarly under other Android versions.

Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone and go to Network &Internet in it. Expand at the bottom, if available. Now on to Private DNS.

In the pop-up dialog, activate a point such as hostname of the private DNS provider. Enter the name of the DNS there, in our example, and tap Save. That is all. Since your web browsers on your smartphone can no longer find the domains with the advertising banners, the banners on the websites you visit simply remain empty.
An alternative to would be (Info here).

*Gaby Salvisberg is an author at PCtipp.

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