Apple now allows the display exchange after all

Apple now allows the display exchange after all

Free repair shops will soon be able to replace the displays of the iPhone 13 series without compromising the functionality of Face ID. […]

The message had caused some unrest in the repair scene: in the iPhone 13 models, the displays are connected to the device via a tiny control chip that matches a serial number. If the screen is changed, it must be taught via a software that is exclusively available only to Apple workshops.

Free repair service providers therefore had the problem that after their work, the Face ID facial recognition no longer worked. Transferring the chip to a new display is extremely expensive and time-consuming, the experts at iFixit have found.

The website “The Verge” now reports that Apple is responding to the protests and wants to remove the compulsion to synchronize via a software update. However, it is still unclear when this should come, until then independent workshops will continue to have a hard time.

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