Apple working on a 8K VR headset with eye tracking

The Information reported on the virtual reality helmet Apple, due out in 2022. About the intentions of the Apple company regarding developing your own VR was rumored since early last year. Earlier it was reported about outsourcing working on a device codenamed N301.

Gathering information together, you can imagine the approximate function of the VR helmet: this wireless headset category, mixed reality (MR), the superior resolution of the Oculus Quest. N301 will have a CPU cooling system (the Bloomberg report). Apple is developing one of the most practical and beautiful designs for all your gadgets, and the headset is likely no exception.


New data from The Information showed a schematic prototypes N301. The headset has a sleek design without upper straps. The front seal is made of mesh material, which ensures the locking of the external light. The whole design of the helmet modular and interchangeable. The vulnerability exists headphones, instead, built-in spatial sound.

It is also reported that the tracking will involve 12 cameras. Implemented tracking inside-out according to the standard helmet and controllers, in addition you can activate the tracking of eyes and hands. Also provides the picture in two 8K displays.

What is the cost of this pleasure? According to the report, within the company Apple employees plan to sell the headset for $3000, and in 2022 to run 250 thousand units.

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