Armis comments on hacker attack on Fendt production facilities

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen

On May 05, hackers carried out an attack on the internationally active agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO/Fendt, as a result of which production had to be stopped at many locations. The full extent of the damage caused is not yet known. Several production facilities worldwide were paralyzed by this massive hacker attack, as the US group reported. Based on the current state of the investigation into the incident, AGCO expects that business operations will be disrupted for several days, or even longer. The exact failure time depends on how quickly the company can completely repair its systems again.

Mirko Bülles, Director of TAM at Armis

“Agriculture is highly dependent on networked machines to carry out important value-added processes. The highly networked machines represent a growing target for threat actors, as they are aware of the significance of potential downtime. In addition, most companies have only limited insight into the risks and threats to which their various assets and thus their entire company are exposed“” explains Mirko Bülles, Director of TAM at Armis .

“The exploitation of networked machines combined with the devastating financial impact of an operational disruption in this industry means that there is a high probability that victims will pay a ransom if an attack occurs and the machine-controlled operation could be compromised. In order to avoid financial damage and to preserve their reputation, companies should protect themselves preventively from external attacks. For this purpose, it is best to rely on automated solutions, with the help of which you first get an overview of all your assets and thus possible threat vectors. In a second step, you can use threat management to seamlessly manage the entire inventory of your assets and continuously check for possible vulnerabilities. So attacks like this can be prevented“.

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