Atera Extension: Integration of Azure AD, Acronis and AnyDesk for Mac

Atera Erweiterung: Integration von Azure AD, Acronis und AnyDesk for Mac

Service Providers

New features for the RMM and PSA platform

Atera, a leading company in the field of Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA), has supplemented and updated its platform for managed service providers. The individual improvements and new features are detailed in detail on the support website under Release Notes.

The new features and improvements include, among others:

Azure AD Integration

The latest integration allows users to import and sync their customers’ contacts from Azure AD to Atera, making it effortless for your Atera contacts to stay up to date. The integration includes a simple and secure one-way synchronization, where new contacts are created in Azure AD in Atera and existing contacts are updated in Atera to mirror Azure AD.

Acronis Add-Ons

Acronis subscribers can now purchase the latest Advanced Protection add-ons to further customize and strengthen backup, security and disaster recovery services. Any business can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, fines and lost revenue. Acronis Cyber Backup offers data protection that meets today’s requirements. It keeps businesses running, protects any workload, is infinitely scalable and saves money. Companies can also bring their own cloud storage to Acronis.

AnyDesk for Mac

Users can now connect to their customers from their Mac device using AnyDesk. AnyDesk offers secure and reliable remote access for customer support – anywhere, anytime. No previous AnyDesk account is required. AnyDesk can be used on Windows or Mac OS devices to connect to all Windows and Mac devices of the customers and is available free of charge for users of the Atera Growth and Power plan. The integration is done with the AnyDesk Performance package. A complete list of AnyDesk performance features is available here.

Email Templates

Users can now change the name of existing email templates to make their messages easier and more flexible too. You can create email templates for automated communication with your customers. Email templates are designed for use with automation rules.

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