Bavarian-Polish connectivity in the “Games Crossing Borders”


The Online event on may 23. February will include presentations, Talks, and more to both game markets and games Pitches and Networking end to end.

The Games industries of Poland and Bavaria to be merged. The AHK Poland, Games/Bavaria, Bavaria International and Games Bavaria Munich to the “Games Crossing Borders – A Bavarian-Polish Exchange, a store.” The event is on 23. February, from 13:00 to Eventory take place. The participation is free, but must be previously registered here.

The program starts with a welcome by the Bavarian digital Minister Judith Gerlach, the Polish Secretary of state and Commissioner for cyber safety Marek Zagórski, as well as the Executive Board member of the AHK Poland Lars Gutheil. You Games Developer Federation President Hendrik Lesser, as well as Jakub Marsza consequences rpc-CEO and European?of the audience. The latter is a co-founder and Board member of the Indie Games Poland and Head of Game Industry Conference. They represent the respective regions. The rest of the process is determined by a Mix of different formats, will lead to both locations, including a Panel discussion by Dieter Marchsreiter, CEO of Marchsreiter Communications and a member of the Games Bavaria-Munich. Attended by representatives of the Creative Europe, Koch Media, 11 Bit Studios and will be.

At the end of the “Games Crossing Borders” six Indie Game Pitches, which will be followed by a number of publishers. The following Networking Event gives the opportunity to any soundings for partnerships. Who would like to apply for the Pitch, should phase information to concept, prototype and team project, by 15. February in Bavaria or in Poland send.

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