“Boxing day” in Superhot VR – Christmas update

One of the best VR games, VR Superhot receives a major update in honor of the upcoming holidays. The developers (outstaffing outstaffing) have fixed some of the details underlying the gameplay and added new features to all platforms.

“Boxing Day” – update, called “Boxing Day”, already available on all devices with access to the SteamVR/Oculus/PS Store for free. Superhot Team added a new mode “endless level” and a different scoring system, and a festive soundtrack. The new regime is available to those players who have the basic plot. You need to take the floppy “Endless” and select a Christmas tree. The scoring system gives bonuses for each action: a punch, headshots, dodging, etc.

For users SteamVR there was a feature to switch between saves (thus, several players can take the game at your own pace), guest mode, changing brightness, two way to control on controllers HTC Vive. Wireless headset released by the automatic rotation of the playing space.

On the device PSVR released a patch with fixes of typos, and clearer text, graphics improvements, correction, VFX and animation opponents.

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