Chaos Computer Club comes to the cinema

Chaos Computer Club comes to the cinema


The film “EVERYTHING IS ONE. BESIDES THE 0” shows the history of the well-known and controversial hacker association, from the foundation to the establishment as a moral authority of information freedom. The COMPUTER WORLD is giving away 5 free tickets. […]

The film about the CCC will be released in cinemas at the end of July 2021 (c) Polyfilm

They are activists, spies, geniuses: without the hackers, the beautiful colorful digital information society would seem to us the best possible of all worlds. They are the enlighteners needed by blind faith in more or less social networks. At the beginning of hacker culture was Germany’s first digital civil rights activist: Wau Holland is the visionary of a democratic digital culture.

in 1981 he founded the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) with a handful of comrades-in-arms, which became world-famous through spectacular hacks and later through entanglements with the secret services. Wau Holland and the CCC stand for a practice of unhindered social exchange with the means of the machine. For them, digitization is not only a savior, but a government technique on which nothing less than the social cohesion of society depends.

The logo of the Chaos Computer Club

From computer nerd to data artist, from hermit to media star, from the subversive hacker to advocate for democracy: the energetic documentary ALLES IST EINS. = = REFERENCES = = shows with clever montages how the big questions of our present time permeated the life and work of Wau Holland. Especially for today’s dynamics of the Internet, in which an opinion is not only free expression but always also a weapon, the hacker ethics of the CCC acts as a memorial of civil society values.

The information society – according to the statutes of the CCC – requires” a new human right to worldwide, unhindered communication”, which is why the club is”committed to freedom of information across borders and deals with the effects of technologies on society and individual living beings”.

EVERYTHING IS ONE. = = REFERENCES = = tells a story of digital Subversion: from an exclusive club to an authority that is consulted today on all questions of network policy. The documentary by Klaus Maeck and Tanja Schwerdorf sets a stylish, powerful, and dignified monument to the most famous German hacker association. Rarely has one seen such a striking portrait of zeitgeist pioneers whose vision for the present is as impressive as it is enriching.

Tickets will be available from the beginning of July at this link. The COMPUTER WORLD is already giving away 5 free tickets. Interested parties can contact report.

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