Chrome: Extend tab tooltips with thumbnails


Google Chrome has a feature that lets you show or hide large tab tooltips with previews. […]

With version 78, which was released in autumn 2019, Google’s web browser Chrome has also received new functions in addition to security updates (see “Chrome 78 for the desktop is being rolled out”).

What some users found annoying at the time were the relatively large tab tooltips that appeared when you moved your mouse over the tabs. At that time, these could be deactivated in the Chrome flags (via chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards).

Update 04.06.2021: In the meantime, the tab overlays have been fixed and can no longer be completely deactivated. The former setting was replaced by a new one. Use Google Chrome to visit chrome:/ / flags / # tab-hover-card-images, this will land you directly in the correct setting within the chrome://flags/. For testing, switch the Tab Hover Card Images setting from Default to Enabled. After that, click Relaunch to restart Chrome.

With “Enabled” under chrome://flags/#tab-hover-card-images you switch the Tab Overlays to larger versions with preview images (c)

You can also just open chrome://flags/ and search for tab-hover look. To find the entry Tab Hover Card Images also. If it is Enabled, Chrome not only displays the title of the web page when touching the tabs with the mouse, but also a thumbnail of the web page.

If you do not want this, switch the entry to Disabled or select the Default setting to leave this decision to the Google Chrome developers. (Source: PCtipp-Forum, Update: PCtipp-Forum)

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