ClickMeeting further expands its market presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

ClickMeeting baut seine Marktpräsenz in DACH weiter aus

European Platform

Doubling of participants in Switzerland

European platform for webinars, video conferencing and online meetings records growth despite increased return to face-to-face events

The European video conferencing and webinar specialist ClickMeeting can further consolidate and expand its market presence in the DACH region in 2021. Especially since August 2021, there has been a significant increase in new users. For example, growth in new users was 34.4% in August and 17.2% in September, both compared to the previous month. A total of 9,725 online events such as webinars and online meetings via ClickMeeting took place in September in the DACH region, 8,257 of them in Germany. Behind Poland, ClickMeeting’s home market, as well as the USA and Russia, Germany was ranked fourth worldwide in terms of market share in September. This also applies to the calendar year 2020, in which 123,018 online events were held in Germany and a total of 22,608 in Austria and Switzerland via ClickMeeting. In total, ClickMeeting has already helped over 370,000 customers in 111 countries share knowledge and collaborate efficiently.


“As part of an internal study, more than half of our users in the DACH region stated that they had to use webinars and online meeting platforms due to home office and remote work. We are pleased that one in five respondents in this region uses the ClickMeeting platform, based on a recommendation from a friend. Respondents appreciated the intuitive interface and ease of use. A third of them also use the tool because of the attractive price-performance ratio and the bundled functions that are offered. Many customers also choose ClickMeeting because of the platform’s compliance with the EU GDPR guidelines“” explains Karolina Loboda, Sales Account Executive for the DACH Region at ClickMeeting.

Strong growth in Switzerland

The year 2020 was marked worldwide by the beginning of the corona pandemic. In many cases, new ways and solutions for collaboration had to be found, which led to strong growth in the field of video conferencing, webinars and online meetings. In Switzerland, for example, ClickMeeting was even able to grow compared to the previous year. In September this year, 28.4% more online events were held via ClickMeeting than in the same month last year. A development that is also reflected in the number of participants: the absolute number of participants in Switzerland even increased by 112.8% and has thus more than doubled.

Security and Privacy: European Platform

As a European platform, ClickMeeting attaches great importance to the greatest possible data protection. The focus is in particular on the implementation of the guidelines of the EU GDPR – an important aspect for many customers, especially in the DACH region. Through servers in Europe, which are located in Frankfurt, Limburg, Amsterdam, Roubaix, Warsaw and Gdansk, among others, the user data is processed within the European Union. For professional users, companies, authorities and organizations, this represents a significant advantage over providers who operate their headquarters or their technological infrastructure, for example, in the USA or Asia. ClickMeeting also relies on comprehensive security features within the platform, from token- and password-protected rooms to secure chat solutions. In the context of webinars offered for a fee, proven, secure payment options can also be integrated.

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