ClickMeeting study: Data protection at online events

ClickMeeting-Studie: Datenschutz bei Online-Veranstaltungen

Almost 90 percent of users want to be informed in advance if there is a recording

In spring 2022, the European company ClickMeeting – a platform for webinars, training courses and distance learning – examined how users keep to data protection at online events. And although the topic is often covered only in passing, the survey makes it clear that the organizers should deal with the issue of the privacy of participants. As the study shows, for example, almost 90 percent of users want to be informed in advance when an online event is being recorded.
Online events, including webinars and video conferences, have become part of everyday life and are part of the new reality. Last year, more than 1.9 million online events with 26.6 million participants were held via the ClickMeeting platform. Compared to 2019 – i.e. before the pandemic – the number of events increased by more than 320 percent. Against this background, ClickMeeting has examined the attention that users in Europe pay to the topic of privacy – also when participating in online events.

Data protection in webinars according to Europeans

Almost 74 percent of Europeans expect the organizers of webinars to take care of their privacy. In addition, according to the survey, 42 percent would like their private data to remain hidden during the webinar. When you register for an event, you are by far the most likely to enter only a pseudonym (nickname) and your e-mail address, while 21 percent only use their first name and e-mail address. On the other hand, almost 15 percent provide their data in different configurations depending on the type of event.

Dominika Paciorkowska, Member of the Board and Managing Director of ClickMeeting

Only 4 percent decide to provide their full data – i.e. first name, last name and e-mail address – and 5 percent do not pay attention to this question when providing their data.

“Webinars have become a very popular tool for training and online presentations, especially in the last two years, due to the associated opportunities. Last year, 22.3 million users took part in such events via our ClickMeeting platform“” says Dominika Paciorkowska, Member of the Board and Managing Director of ClickMeeting . “However, due to technological progress, users of digital solutions expect manufacturers and providers to take care of data protection issues. According to a ClickMeeting study, this is an important issue for more than 70 percent of Europeans. So we cannot ignore this aspect.“

Participants want to know if the event is being recorded

The online recording of events can bring many advantages for both organizers and participants. The recording can be distributed directly after the event, both to the participants and to people who did not attend the event. In addition, the organizer can use and publish it on various channels. However, according to the ClickMeeting survey, almost 90 percent of respondents would like to be informed about such a record in advance. This is especially true if your name is visible in the chat box or, in the case of online meetings with camera use, your webcam picture. Only 5.5 percent explicitly do not attach any importance to such advance information, another 4.5 percent do not care.

“Before participating in an online event, you should make sure that the tool used ensures the security of the personal data provided. But a lot is also due to the organizing person. It has a decisive influence on whether the participants of an event feel safe. So if you, as an organizer, want your event to attract a large audience, according to a ClickMeeting study, you need to pay special attention to this issue, ” adds Paciorkowska. “When choosing the right platform, you should therefore also pay attention to whether you can use additional options that make the participants feel good. In ClickMeeting, for example, we offer the possibility to hide the identity of the participants (for example in the chat window or in a question-and-answer round) or to secure the event with a password or a one-time token.“

What else does ClickMeeting offer – besides servers in Europe?

ClickMeeting specializes in webinars, video conferences and online meetings. The flexible self-service platform enables users and companies to implement individual scenarios in areas such as virtual events, digital learning and online communication. One of the unique selling points is that the platform can be used conveniently in the web browser. As a result, users do not need any prior technical knowledge and do not have to install anything on their device. The beginnings of ClickMeeting go back to 2011, when the platform was created within GetResponse as an additional product, which was initially intended to serve the needs of the company as a tool for online meetings. None of the existing applications at that time met these internal expectations. It quickly became clear that the product was powerful enough to offer to consumers and businesses. Over the next five years, ClickMeeting proved to be a promising solution, so it was spun off as a separate company in 2016. The headquarters of the European company is located in Gdansk, Poland.

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