Cloud Security Provider Lacework Announces Expansion in EMEA

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Worldwide increasing demand for Lacework leads to a tripling of sales

Lacework, the cloud security provider, today announced the expansion of its global operations into the EMEA region. The company’s very rapid growth since its launch in 2015 is based on an innovation advantage: The Lacework Polygraph is a revolutionary approach that addresses security as a data problem. Customers increasingly rely on Lacework to provide a unique view of all entities across applications, users, networks, containers, and data center processes. This enables rapid protection of code, containers, and cloud, accelerating development.

Developers and security teams are increasingly focusing on the company’s innovative data-driven security.

The EMEA expansion follows consistent revenue growth for eight consecutive quarters, the most successful quarter to date (Q1 2021), and $ 525 million in January funding from Sutter Hill Ventures and other leading investors.

The Company is making significant investments in the expansion of its EMEA activities. These include a European headquarters in Dublin, regional offices in the UK, France, and Germany, and a data center at AWS in Frankfurt. Strategically important personnel decisions were made for sales, marketing, and Customer Success in the region, including the appointment of Ryan Sheldrake as EMEA Field CTO. In addition, Lacework has expanded its leadership team with Mike Staiger as CFO and David Hatfield as CEO. Hatfield was previously successful as President of Pure Storage, Inc. engaged. In eight years, he led this company from inception to sales of more than $ 1.5 billion.

According to IDC forecasts, organizations will spend about $ 218 billion on infrastructure-as-a-Service and platform-as-a-Service by 2023. The volume of cloud security is estimated by IDC at more than $ 12 billion. Lacework’s security and compliance offerings specifically address the needs of security teams and developers who build and deploy solutions in the cloud. Lacework enables organizations to meet the challenges of growing data volumes and replace fragmented security products with an easy-to-use best-of-breed platform. The EMEA region currently has a significant IT skills shortage, so automated security solutions are perfectly positioned to support overloaded IT and security teams.

Bernd Mährlein, Lacework Area Director Central Europe, commented: “Lacework is a very special company that is in a very exciting phase of growth and product development. We look forward to expanding our reach and activities to the EMEA region. Digital businesses should not have to choose between innovation, speed, and security. With Lacework, no more compromises are required. Our team has put a lot of effort into developing an advanced platform that is easy for users to handle and enables automation of cloud security on a large scale. Now is the time to start the secure cloud revolution.“

Lacework helps organizations better understand and recognize cloud changes at any scale. Manual intervention or the definition of rules are superfluous. The innovative solutions provide the visibility, contextual information, and telemetry customers need to quickly and centrally assess cloud security posture, demonstrate compliance, protect workloads, and investigate anomalies. Lacework identifies and understands threats in cloud applications and infrastructures. Through the use of machine learning and automation, the immense security data generated during the recording and analysis of the continuous changes in the cloud can be processed. As a result, customers are able to reduce false positives by up to 98 percent and reduce the time required for research by up to 90 percent. In addition, Lacework customers can typically adopt two to four-point solutions, which contributes to simplified environments and a compelling ROI.

Stephen Carl, CTO at Sliide, commented: “As a lean, cloud-native technology company, Sliide was looking for tools to help our DevOps team scale the platform without worrying about detecting vulnerabilities and other threats. Lacework’s solution initially conducted an initial audit of our environment and confirmed health status and AWS Well-Architected status. After that, active monitoring and alerting of irregular or unusual activities began. With the dashboard, we can not only ensure that we have everything under control but also demonstrate this to partners or investors.“

Lacework’s partner ecosystem helps customers implement and manage security in dynamic cloud environments. This makes the partners crucial to Lacework’s continued success. Accordingly, the company will further expand its channel and technology partnerships in EMEA. Recently, the cooperation with MBA IT was announced. The established IT solutions and services partner helps customers navigate current and emerging technology options that help organizations better achieve their business goals.

Guy Brandon, CEO, and Founder of MBA IT commented: “MBA is a trusted advisor to many forward-thinking organizations that invest heavily in the cloud. We believe Lacework’s disruptive approach provides a great solution for superior visibility and long-term protection of our customers ‘ critical workloads. Lacework’s platform is unique among offerings from cloud security providers. It protects not only container workloads, but also the cloud infrastructure on which the containers reside. By consolidating tools and automating security policy, management is simplified and a compelling ROI is achieved, regardless of AWS, GCP, or Azure. Lacework has a real edge here and we look forward to working together to help even more customers simplify their cloud security.“

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