Converting processor: Chinese smuggles 160 CPUs on the body

Converting processor: Chinese smuggles 160 CPUs on the body

CPUs are an extremely rare commodity in these times. A Chinese man has now been caught trying to master his personal chip crisis with physical effort. […]

As the tech portal Digitaltrends reports, the Chinese customs authorities detained a man trying to enter the Middle Kingdom – with 160 Intel CPUs (and a pair of folding mobile phones) attached to his body.

Suspicious gang unmasks CPU smuggler

According to the customs authorities, the man was noticed because of his “unnatural gait”. A review then revealed the treasures that the Chinese – referred to by local media as “Walking CPU” or “CPU-Man” – had taped to his body:

These were obviously processors of the 11th and 12th generation (Rocket Lake / Adler Lake). In addition to the 160 CPUs, the smuggler had also glued 16 folding phones to his body.

Shortly before that, the Chinese customs authority had already seized incorrectly declared video cards worth more than three million dollars.

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