Digital innovations for automotive companies

Digital innovations for automotive companies


The pandemic has strongly driven the digitization wave and the offer. Through digital innovations, automotive companies can optimize complex processes and increase efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction. […]

Apps for automotive companies (c) MOTIONDATA Vector

The following web and app solutions can support automotive companies and reduce effort, including the possibility of individual adjustments to the needs and requirements of the companies.

Book workshop and test drive appointments quickly and easily online: Online business and online bookings are increasing more and more. To ensure that car companies do not miss these sales, there are already efficient web solutions so that end customers can book test drives and workshop appointments around the clock online, directly, quickly and easily on all end devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. The requests are automatically sent to the DMS so that the data does not have to be entered twice, where they can then be confirmed. The online booking systems can be integrated into any existing Website. This allows an innovative service to be offered that meets the expectations of end customers. The automotive companies not only increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but also capacity utilization and sales.

The car dealership on the smartphone: The smartphone as the number one Internet device clearly leads the Internet user numbers. With the app solutions, the dealership is available online on a Bick. In addition to the vehicle offer and services, the agreement of service dates and test drives. News, chats and message tools facilitate the communication channels of the company with customers and therefore promote customer loyalty.

Warehouse logistics specialist: The warehouse tools make warehouse logistics easier for automotive companies. From incoming goods to inventory, the mobile workstation in and around the warehouse offers basic functions such as incoming goods, outgoing goods, inventory query, warehouse transfer posting, warehouse compartment change, goods order, label printing and inventory.

The settings can be set directly in the DMS, and these are then synchronized with the App. Even ident part numbers from various suppliers are no problem for the app-it selects the right one for you and at the same time draws attention to all other possibilities. The administration of the settings in the DMS, the smart supplier assignment for part searches and the multilingualism offer the added value. User-friendly systems also convince with an HD touchscreen, tightness against water and dust and withstand falls on concrete as well as snow, rain, heat and cold. High-capacity batteries ensure hours of operation and are replaceable, which means that the devices do not need to be taken out of service for charging.

* Mario Pichler is Managing Director of the MOTIONDATA VECTOR Group. (Dedicated Team).

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