Doszlifuj your JavaScript! – free tutorial on Js Garden

Doszlifuj your JavaScript! – free tutorial on Js Garden

Interesting fact that today, for all fans of Js. Just want to note: JavaScript garden does not teach programming in Js from scratch (!). To understand the examples from the tutorial, you need to have the initial phase is over. If you are looking for a tutorial from scratch, I refer You to the Mozilla Developer materials, or for my leadership Front-End Developer from scratch.

In this article, I came by accident.

What is Js Garden?

JavaScript Garden is a guide for intermediate or more collection of interesting facts. Collects in one point of different, often strange behavior JavaScriptowego code based on the (rather unpleasant) experience of users of StackOverflow.

🌷 JavaScript Garden 🌷

Javascript tutorial for medium and

The tutorial provides recommendations on how to avoid common mistakes, but also more subtle errors. At the same time shows a performance problem or a bad practice that beginners and średniozaawansowani JavaScript developers may face in their own and others team projects.

Interestingly, in the upper right corner you can switch to version in Polish 😉

JavaScript as a first programming language

For their part, are often advised to Js like this first programming language. I pull myself together to write “pros” and “cons”, however, one of the arguments against JSowi his approach to object-oriented programming. In most jęzków programming inheritance is simple as simple can be translated as the car and bike can inherit from the car class. No different here, C++, Java, Python, Ruby or PHP. Each of these languages allows us to expand cultural after school. Well, in JavaScript there. JavaScript is not the classic model of inheritance. Instead, in javascript, inheritance is for prototyping. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (throws table)

This pretty original concept (JavaScript, this is probably the only programming language on a model of inheritance) will help you to understand what Js Garden. The authors argue that this is even a plus (as there currently want _(?)_/).


Content is published under the MIT license and hosted on Github Pages. Everyone can contribute to its development (for example, improving the translation into Russian language, I recommend to process material in English), it is an interesting offer for people who want to start kontrybucję in open source, and don’t know where and how. If you find errors or typos, or you have your own idea that you need to add enough to open a new pull request. The leadership of the community, you will find in

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