Edge gets Secure Network

Surfing with Edge should be safer and more anonymous. Although the service is free, it only works if you log in with your Microsoft account and there is only 1 GB of data volume for free.

Microsoft wants to make its in-house browser Edge more secure. Microsoft Edge Secure Network behaves similarly to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With a VPN, you can move around the network anonymously, as an encrypted IP connection is used by the VPN provider. Neither providers nor hackers can thus understand in which country or where exactly they are located.

How does Microsoft’s Edge Secure Network work?

Microsoft’s Secure Network also hides the IP address, according to its own information. In the blog (engl.) it is said that users surf with a virtual IP address, which masks their own IP address and replaces the geo-location with a similar, regional address.

The use of the Secure Network is free of charge. However, according to Microsoft, the data volume is limited: users receive 1 gigabyte of free data volume per month – if you log in to Edge with the Microsoft account.

How to enable Microsoft Secure Network

If the feature is available for you, you can activate it as follows: in Edge, click on the three-dot icon. Just above the Settings menu item, you should find Secure Network.

If you are not logged in with the Microsoft account, you will be prompted to log in. The feature is automatically disabled when you close Edge. You will need to re-enable Microsoft Edge’s secure network for your next browsing session if you want to use it, as the blog goes on to say. The function was not yet available for the author.

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