Epson: Sustainability as a success factor

Epson: Sustainability as a success factor

For Henning Ohlsson, Managing Director of Epson Germany and responsible for the DACH region as well as Director of Sustainability at Epson Europe, sustainability is also a top priority in the 2022/2023 financial year. Last but not least, it is a key success factor for the Japanese company. […]

For the new financial year, which usually begins on April 1 for Japanese companies such as Epson, Henning Ohlsson gives the topic of sustainability top priority. Epson has already been in the upper range of the various sustainability ratings. EcoVadis not only certifies the company’s great progress in waste prevention and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but also its compliance with the highest standards in sustainable procurement, working conditions, human rights and ethics.

Particularly environmentally friendly are Epson’s EcoTank printers, which are not only sustainable, but also keep printing costs very low thanks to the refillable ink tanks. For Ohlsson, it is clear: “You can only save energy when printing with ink technology from Epson.” After the withdrawal of some other market participants last year, Epson is the only provider that offers a consistently sustainable printer and copier portfolio,” said the Epson CEO. He emphasizes that companies that opt for inkjet solutions and phase out laser systems opt for avoiding CO2 and not for a system of CO2 production and subsequent compensation. That is why Epson will continue to expand its portfolio of sustainable inkjet systems with heat-free technology, so that gaps in the product portfolio that still exist today can be closed this year. Ultimately, the aim is to enable specialist retail partners to meet demanding environmental targets with Epson WorkForce and EcoTank devices on the one hand and to be able to generate good margins on the other.

But that’s not all, Epson wants to be not only CO2-neutral, but also CO2-negative by 2050 and do without the use of non-renewable raw materials such as oil and metal. It is no longer enough to just buy CO2 certificates to achieve a climate-neutral status, says Ohlsson, pointing out that he sees the use of electricity from renewable sources as a means for Epson to achieve these goals. For example, the company has been operating a photovoltaic system in Germany since 2008 and relies entirely on green electricity at its Meerbusch location. Since 2021, all European sales centres as well as the plant in Telford have been using exclusively green electricity. From 2023, all Epson production facilities and administrations worldwide will work exclusively with electricity from renewable sources.

If you are interested in the sustainability efforts of Epson Europe, you will find further information in the Sustainability Report 2020/2021, which has been available since November 2021.

One of the central goals of the Seiko Epson Corporation’s Agenda 2030, an intermediate goal to Vision 2050, is to realize sustainable business. For this reason, Epson is committed to complying with the 17 global Sustainability Goals of the UN. (c) Graphic: United Nations

In addition to the focus on sustainability, Epson is focusing on two other topics in the regions, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • No promises, but deeds: the Epson retail strategy remains indirect! This also means and includes a “digital-go-to-market” concept in order to position Epson’s sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in the market.
  • Innovation as the basis of success: A cornerstone of Epson’s success is the company’s high innovative strength. For example, Seiko Epson Corporation has introduced its first industrial 3D printer that works with common industrial materials to produce precise, heavy-duty parts and semi-finished products of various sizes and functions. One advantage of these machines is that they are used as generalists in far more areas of application than highly specialized machines. Industrial users use the Epson 3D printer for the fast, reliable production of components. As a result, low-cost production of goods becomes profitable both in large series and in small quantities.

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