Excel: Create dynamic arrows and bars from results

Excel: Create dynamic arrows and bars from results

Do you want to display bars or arrows in suitable lengths behind a value column without resorting to a chart function? Easy as pie! […]

You have a column of values in front of you that you want to illustrate a little right next to it. However, you do not want to resort to a diagram. Therefore, they use a trick that repeats any special character a number of times, corresponding to the desired value.

Solution: Suppose your value is in A2, your bar or arrow should land in B2. In B2, type the following formula: = REPEAT (“u”; A2). This means that the letter “u” is repeated according to the value in A2. Now, of course, the letter has no resemblance to an arrow.

But if you miss the font “Wingdings 3″ in this column, triangles that are lined up will already result in something that you can use as an arrow replacement. If you take the normal Wingdings font, you will get small rhombuses. You can also use other characters. For example, the letter ” n ” results in a black block in the normal Wingdings font. This, too, looks like a kind of bar when lined up.

Repeat a character such as the letter ” u ” and give it a different font such as Wingdings (c) PCtipp.ch

Composite arrows in a standard font: If there are no triangles or blocks, you can also use other characters and use the normal font. You can even have a character repeated and concatenated with another character at the end. For example, even in a standard font such as Calibri or Cambria, several hyphens or midpoints and a final pointed right bracket together form a kind of arrow (–>). Here, for example, for the dashed arrow goes the following formula: = REPEAT(“-“;A2)&”>” or for the dotted variant this: = REPEAT(“·”;A2)&”>”

blankHere we have center points “·” repeated and combine it with a final right pointed bracket (c) PCtipp.ch

Are you looking for symbols from different fonts that you could use here? In Windows, click Start and tap Character a. Open the offered character table; alternatively, you can use it by running charmap.exe start directly.

blankFonts such as wingdings contain characters that you can also use in Excel for arrows or bars and the like (c) PCtipp.ch

For example, the Windows Fonts icon, Webdings, and Wingdings 1 through 3 might contain what you’re looking for. (PCtipp Forum)

(Origin 01.03.2012, Update for new Office version with further examples and character table 15.07.2021)

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