G DATA: Get to know the tricks of the phishers in story mode

G DATA: Get to know the tricks of the phishers in story mode

Seven-part learning series from the cyber-defense company G DATA ensures maximum learning success. […]

A single inattentive employee, a single click – that’s all it takes for cybercriminals to successfully hijack a network with a phishing email. In order to better prepare employees for dangerous phishing emails in the future, G DATA CyberDefense offers a new training series as part of the G DATA academy. The special thing: Through storytelling and gamification, the learning content stays particularly well in the memory of the employees.

In order to improve the awareness of the workforce for fraudulent emails, G DATA is now offering a new learning series in the course of its security awareness training on the topic of “phishing”. The online trainings are designed as a learning journey, are entertaining and highly interactive to maximize the learner’s learning transfer. The courses start with the basics of phishing and gradually build up knowledge up to expert knowledge over seven episodes. The training is now available as an add-on in the G DATA academy.

“Cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods of attack. In the course of this, attacks in the form of phishing emails are also experiencing a steady development. Attacks are becoming more and more individual and therefore more and more dangerous“” says Christian Laber, Head of E-Learning Development at G DATA CyberDefense.
“Attackers search for information in social networks and create a customized, individualized mail on this basis. These spear phishing emails are almost indistinguishable from real, legitimate messages. The new training courses impart comprehensive knowledge in all facets of the topic of phishing and enable employees to identify such emails and react accordingly.“

Experiential learning content creates maximum learning success

On the learning journey, the employees follow four main characters, each representing a specific type of user in combination with a different attack path for the phishing attacks. They serve the learners as identification figures throughout the series. “Phishing” is, of course, derived from the word “fishing”. To stay true to this analogy, the trainings take place mostly in an underwater world.

The learning series offers a very high level of interaction. Classic formats such as drag & drop tasks or multiple-choice questions are reinterpreted by the game-based setting in combination with the story, for example by learners having to pull false statements into fishing nets, fill submarines with air bubbles or direct the spotlight of the submarine to the correct answer option. The highlight and conclusion of the series is a digital escape room. This is localized in the “cave” of one of the antagonists, the “Spear-Phisherin”.

It is from this cave that she plans her attacks. There are hidden clues with which the learners have to thwart a planned attack by the Spear phisher with their accumulated knowledge from the training series, in order to then get back to the surface. In this way, the learners deal intensively with phishing attacks from real life and in particular get to know the protection mechanisms better.

“The phishing training series is characterized by high interactivity, which leads to a maximum transfer of learning,” says Hendrik Flierman, vice president Sales &Marketing at G DATA CyberDefense.
“Since learning time equals working time for customers, the training courses offered must convey content in short learning phases. In this way, employees expand their knowledge sustainably and can apply it at any time. This is a good argument for our partners in the channel towards their customers, to whom they can present themselves as a holistic partner in the field of IT security.“

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