Hands-on research at the Vienna Technical Museum

Hands-on research at the Vienna Technical Museum


With the Science Corner, the Vienna Technical Museum provides a stage for current research projects of the Vienna University of Technology. In a presentation that changes twice a year, visitors can find out which future-oriented technologies are currently being worked on. […]

The robot cell of the Austrian Center for Digital Production. (c) Vienna Technical Museum

Behind technical developments and advanced research there are always people who shape and shape them. That’s why the Science Corner brings the researchers in front of the curtain. In video installations and the ever-growing Researcher Gallery, visitors can gain comprehensive impressions of their everyday research life and experience the fascinating variety of scientific careers in research.

The Rector of TU Wien, Sabine Seidler, is very pleased to have an additional opportunity with this cooperation to “provide insights into TU Wien and make technology research more tangible. Technology is not only part of our everyday life, we are helping to shape our future with it and it offers a variety of different career options,“ Seidler knows and is convinced that a visit is definitely worth it.

In accordance with the museum’s guidelines with a focus on innovation and sustainability, the Science Corner presents research projects that address socially relevant issues using forward-looking technologies.

The starting signal is given by the pilot factory TU Wien – Industrie 4.0, which is engaged in the optimization of flexible production and logistics in favor of a resource-saving circular economy. In order to demonstrate and test Industry 4.0 technologies outside of factory halls, the Austrian Center for Digital Production, located in the pilot factory, has developed a demonstrator, which is now also on display at the Vienna Technical Museum. This is a robot cell whose sensors and components communicate with each other. Visitors will learn how the intelligent networking of machines and processes enables more resource-efficient production and where this technology is currently and will be used in the future. In addition, interested parties can also become active themselves and create a personal souvenir together with the demonstrator.

Since a large number of new research fields and professions from different fields of study such as mechanical engineering, mechatronics, information and communication technology or ecology are emerging in the field of Industry 4.0, researchers from different career stages give insights into their field of activity in media installations. This allows museum visitors – and especially young people – to experience science, research and technology up close, personally and directly.

Inspiring young people for the STEM field (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) has already become a tradition at the Technisches Museum Wien: after the miniXplore for children and the Maker*Space TechLab for young people, the Science Corner is intended to inspire people in the career orientation phase to study STEM. “With the Science Corner, we are presenting research and technology at the cutting edge of the times and showing how diverse, creative and socially relevant the future-oriented opportunities in the MINT sector are,” says General Director Peter Aufreiter, describing the exhibition.

From autumn 2022, the Science Corner will be used by the transdisciplinary research project “Caring Robots/Robotic Care”, in which the museum will also participate as a non-university research partner. Together with the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Salzburg as well as Caritas as a practice partner for nursing, the possible roles of robots and related technologies in the complex context of nursing are being investigated. As a practical partner, the Technisches Museum Wien is responsible for the interface with the public, which is also intended to stimulate social discourse on the topic. In the Science Corner, the research team at TU Wien reveals the first steps of the five-year research project and calls on museum visitors to participate and help shape it.

In order to illustrate the variety of research initiatives at TU Wien, new content is presented every six months in the Science Corner, a wide variety of researchers and career paths are presented, and cutting-edge research results are shared with a wide audience.

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