Huawei presented innovations at the Global Analyst Summit 2022

Huawei presented innovations at the Global Analyst Summit 2022

Huawei hosted the Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen for the 19th time and presented its innovation and research strategy for a more sustainable future. […]

At the event, Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman at Huawei, gave a keynote on Huawei’s approach to innovation and building a greener, smarter world. “We will strengthen our commitment to innovation, because we want to equip all industries for digital and intelligent change and contribute to building a CO2-poor world,” says Hu. “For this, we have defined three initiatives that will be the key to our future company growth.“

Further development of the networks

In terms of connectivity, Huawei is driving the industry forward. The international technology company is demonstrating its vision of enabling 10 Gbps connections everywhere with 5.5G and F5.5G. This further development of wireless and fixed networks will support a wider range of niche requirements for networks: among other things, the network should guarantee a flawless connectivity experience in private households and enable low latency and high reliability, which are required for industrial control scenarios.

In the field of data processing, Huawei is redefining the system architecture for individual nodes, basic software and data centers. This is intended to significantly increase system performance and energy efficiency. In the field of cloud services, Huawei is building MetaStudio: the cloud-based end-to-end digital content pipeline will significantly accelerate the production of digital content. In the terminal segment, Huawei wants to offer users a user-centered, intelligent experience in all areas of life. Huawei calls this user experience “Seamless AI Life” experience and wants to unite the physical and digital worlds.

Digital transformation as a new source of value for customers

Huawei is currently adapting its products and product portfolios to various industry scenarios. At the same time, the company starts with the pre-integration and pre-verification of products and thus performs various complex work in advance in order to facilitate the digital transformation for customers and partners. With the Huawei Cloud as the foundation, Huawei aims to provide “Everything as a Service”, transform infrastructure, technology and expertise into cloud-based services, and simplify cloud migration for customers in various industries.

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